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Application Form

Application Form

Apply for support from the Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust

Guidelines and Restrictions

The Trustees as a matter of general policy do not consider applications which would involve the Trust in core funding or on-going financing. The Trust does not provide funding for applications with a foreign element nor does it in general consider personal applications or applications for Sports Clubs/Associations.

The Trustees prefer projects/schemes which involve or are directed towards capital expenditure.

Because of the large number of applications which the Trust receives the Trustees’ present policy is to support local charities, i.e. within the North East of England, or those in which Dame Catherine had had an interest and/or have a local benefit.

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  1. In the event that your application should be successful, please indicate:
    • If direct banking is available, to whom payment should be made including, Bank/Service Name, Precise name on the Account, Account Number, Sort Code.
    • If direct banking is not available please indicate to whom the cheque should be made payable.
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