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Designability - pushchair for wheelchair users

Designability - pushchair for wheelchair users

Some of the beneficiaries that CCCT have supported

Designability is a charity that enables disabled people to live with greater independence.

Designability is creating a wheelchair-attachable pushchair to allow parents who are manual wheelchair users the opportunity to take their babies and young children out independently.

We are so thankful to CCCT for their support in this project.

Our prototype is currently undergoing rigorous safety and integrity testing to ensure it conforms to international standards for pushchairs and strollers.

Our design is GB patent pending and we are in the process of filing a worldwide patent.

This year we plan to test our latest design with disabled parents, to ensure that it meets their needs.

We plan to share our ground-breaking design with the world, and we will be seeking partners to help us scale and meet the demand from disabled parents.

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