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Jessica's Sarcoma Awareness - Solar Panels

Jessica's Sarcoma Awareness - Solar Panels

Some of the beneficiaries that CCCT have supported

“We can’t thank CCCT enough for the funds we have received towards Solar Panel’s for April Cottage. Jessica’s Sarcoma Awareness has a respite holiday home for children fighting Cancer to create beautiful memories.
During the past 12 months our electricity have double in costs so the solar panels are a essential addition”

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More Beneficiaries


Evelina London Children’s Hospital

The Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust longlasting support of the Evelina London helps some of the most vulnerable and critically ill children across South London, South East England and beyond.


Marie Curie

Generous donation from the Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust has been given towards purchase of specialised equipment for our Newcastle Hospice. This support will bring vital support to people with a terminal illness and their families.

The Catherine Cookson Trust

If you're in education and training, environment and conservation, arts and culture, as well as general charitable purposes, your organisation could be eligible for a grant from the Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust. Grants are generally awarded between £100 and £100,000 but occasionally larger sums are donated where there are exceptional circumstances. In particular, we aim to meet the needs of North East England, where Dame Catherine grew up and lived much of her adult life.

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