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Jesmond Dene Real Tennis club

Jesmond Dene Real Tennis club

Some of the beneficiaries that CCCT have supported

The generous donation from CCCT has enabled us to undertake Phase 2 of the
refurbishment work of the Club.

At the commencement of this project the Club engaged the services of a local architect with
expertise in the restoration of listed buildings. We felt this was an essential element in
ensuring any building work did not detract from the building’s heritage, and complied with all
of the planning requirements.

As we detailed in our submission to you, the key objective was to upgrade the club room and
hospitality area, known as the “Dedans”. This is the main area used by members and was
shared by the Club Professional and Club Administrator. We have refurbished the lean-to
building at the current entrance to the court to provide a workshop, so that many of the
professionals’ tasks making balls and restringing rackets can be carried out there. This has
allowed for the Dedans to provide members and guests with a comfortable club room.
A major part of the Phase 2 works involved levelling of the floor in the Dedans which was
stepped, together with installing a drinks and coffee area. The room has been completely
refurbished, replacing the old radiators, ceiling and lighting and redecorating. Ahead of this,
we had to undertake remedial work to the Dedans roof which had started to leak. We also
refurbished the bench for spectators which we understand was original when the court was
opened in 1894.

We are very grateful to the Trustees of CCCT for their generosity which has made
such a difference to us.


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