Recent Beneficiaries

The UCL Institute of Immunity and Transplantation

The Trustees of the Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust’s generous support has enabled us to begin construction of a dedicated, state-of-the-art facility for Europe’s first Institute of Immunity and Transplantation (IIT).


This new building will create a unique opportunity to link UCL’s expertise in immunology research and bio-engineering to specific clinical problems that affect over six million people nationally. The new research facility will be based at the Royal Free Hospital campus and will combine dedicated, state-of-the-art research, clinical, and teaching spaces. It will provide the best possible infrastructure for research, training, and clinical delivery, and will more than double our research capacity and the number of clinical trials we can run. Furthermore, it will house patient accommodation so that patients can feel comfortable when receiving treatment, ensuring that our translational research is truly “bench to bedside”.


This world-class facility will provide the perfect environment for collaboration. It will house academics from UCL’s Division of Immunity and Infection with their medical research expertise and unparalleled knowledge of basic science, together with clinicians from the Royal Free who specialise in diagnosing and treating patients with a broad range of diseases affecting the immune system. Breakthroughs happen when researchers and clinicians are together and have the freedom to collaborate: the right people, from the right disciplines, with the right knowledge – in the right place, giving them access to the latest equipment and to diverse groups of patients. This is the environment we are building with the IIT. Practically that will mean spaces for meetings, sharing equipment, receiving training together and building personal interactions to achieve the common goal of advancing research in this area. This collaborative ‘bench to bedside’ approach will be game-changing for patients and something that would not have been possible without the support of The Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust.

Hans StaussDirector Institute of Immunity and Transplantation
Co-director Division of Infection and Immunity

Marie Curie

We were thrilled to accept an incredibly generous donation from the Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust towards equipment for our Newcastle Hospice. This support will bring enormous benefit to people with a terminal illness and their families across the North East.


It is vital that patients feel as comfortable as possible within our hospice and are able to cherish each day with their families and friends, which is why specialist equipment such as beds and mattresses are so important. The profiling beds assist in maintaining comfort and dignity during nursing procedures and aid infection control, whilst the use of high specification pressure relieving mattresses can greatly reduce the chance of developing painful pressure damage. With the support of the Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust we were able to purchase 12 specialist beds and 16 specialist mattresses.


We were also able to purchase eight McKinley Syringe Pumps which provide a continuous dose of medication to control symptoms such as pain, sickness and agitation. It is so important we keep our medical facilities up to date in order to continue to deliver high quality care for our patients.


The Marie Curie Hospice Newcastle has been caring for people since 1995 and all our services are completely free of charge. The Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust donation means we can continue to deliver the best quality care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Because when you are living with a terminal illness, every day of your life matters.”

Helen Forrow, Hospice Manager

Evelina London Children’s Hospital

At Evelina London, we support some of the most vulnerable and critically ill children across South London, South East England and beyond.

We are incredibly grateful to The Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust for their longstanding support. Over the past decade, there has been a growing demand for our specialist services and a 50% increase in the number of children we see – we now treat over 55,000 children each year. With the help of donors like The Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust, we are able to provide an above and beyond service to each and every child in our care.

Donations from the Trust have enabled the purchase of two transport ventilators, which help critically ill children to breathe during emergency transportation to the hospital. This is especially important as Evelina London is home to the South Thames Retrieval Service, which transports over 800 critically ill children to intensive care units in London each year.

The Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust has also supported the purchase of life-saving pieces of equipment for our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), which is one of the busiest units in the country, including incubators for very premature babies and those born with complex congenital defects. Through the Trust’s generosity, we were also able to purchase a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine for our NICU. The machine is a vital, non-invasive diagnostic tool and allows our staff to monitor the organs of our tiniest patients, including the heart, brain, kidneys, bowel and liver.

The new machine is part of the daily life of our NICU and we are incredibly grateful to The Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust for enabling us to provide the very best care and treatment for critically ill children.

Aimée Rebbeck
Trusts and Foundations Fundraiser
Guy’s and St Thomas’ Fundraising Team